Groundworks All Natural Child Pet Plant and Concrete Safe Fast Acting Ice Melt 10 Pound Bag


  • POWERFUL all natural potassium composition melts snow and ice in extremely frigid temperatures as low as -9°F (-23°C). Child, pet, plant and concrete safe. Generates exothermic heat and does not need light to work effectively.
  • PREMIUM POTASSIUM a fertilizer and food-based ingredient, highly unlikely to burn pet’s paws or your lawn. DOES NOT CONTAIN MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE which is damaging to concrete! Rock salts are known to burn pet’s paws and lawns!
  • SAFEST FOR PETS, LAWNS AND LANDSCAPES. Pet Safe formulation won’t harm plants, also safe for properly set and cured concrete won’t cause spalling on driveways. UREA FREE NO HARMFUL NITROGEN!
  • WORKS PERFECT IN SPREADERS. Apply at 1/4 – 1/2 cup per square yard, most competitors application rates are 2 times the amount of GroundWorks Natural Icemelter. Can be use in various ice melt spreaders.
  • NO MESSY RESIDUE. Safe to handle and clean to use OSHA exempt in USA, WHMIS exempt in Canada. Long shelf life with packaging containing post-consumer waste! Packaging is recyclable where facilities exist.

Product description

GroundWorks Natural Icemelter is a premium fertilizer based product designed specifically to melt ice and snow effectively, while being completely eco-friendly, pet safe and easy to use. GroundWorks Natural Icemelter melts ice and snow even in the toughest winter conditions. Begins to work immediately, use 1/4 – 1/2 cup per square yard (3 feet x 3 feet), 50 – 100 grams per square meter. Fertilizer based product which will not harm vegetation or soil structure, when used as directed. It is harmless on groundwater systems. Does not chemically affect quality air entrained concrete or treated wood. It allows for a greater volume of water to evaporate, assisting in the prevention of damage to concrete associated with freeze/thaw cycles. Does not leave an oily residue. It reduced to a colorless and odorless liquid with a natural pH balance. Will not harm humans or animals. GroundWorks Natural Icemelter is safe to handle. Gloves are optional. OSHA exempt in USA. WHMIS exempt in Canada. Will not lose its effectiveness during prolonged storage or when opened. It does not require special storage facilities nor special handling procedures that are common to many other ice melting products. **CAUTION: Icemelter should not be applied to unsealed concrete, brick, exposed aggregate or precast steps. Do not use icemelter on concrete less than 12 months old. Applying icemelter to damaged, cracked, chipped, or inferior concrete may result in further damage due to the natural freeze/thaw cycle. Water resulting from the melted ice and snow may be absorbed by the concrete and upon refreezing expand, which may lead to further surface damage. Removing all slush and melted ice or water from the concrete will reduce the risk. Excessive amount of icemelter may damage plant life if left to accumulate. **WARNING** Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. If ingested, rinse mouth with water and drink 1 or 2 glasses of water. Seek medical attention.


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